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Single Origin: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?

So…where’s this from again? A line of foreign-sounding place names on a bag of coffee can often feel overwhelming and confusing to someone just getting into specialty coffee.  For example, on a bag of a recent Cafeciteaux coffee, you will first and foremost see the words “COSTA RICA” in large letters.  That’s simple enough, right?  […]

Coffee Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies

Coffee Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of the year again! The Girl Scouts of America band together and hit up every parent, parents office, parents friend, distant relative, and wal-mart within a 100 mile radius to sell us a little piece of happyness. We are inundated with these delicious confections that instantly make us feel guilty for consuming […]

St. George Fair Volunteer Signups

Looking for something to do on Oct. 11-12th? Well look no further than here.  We are looking for volunteers to assist us in manning the coffee booth for the St. George Fair. I have a sign-up sheet below for those who are interested in hanging out, enjoying free coffee, and some great camaraderie.  The fair […]