Burundi Monge Murambi Hill

Not to be confused with “Murambi” in Kiganda, another coffee we’ve bought in the past (and again this year too!), this lot is from Mutambu Commune near the Monge Nature Reserve in Bujumbura. The coffee washing station is at a lower elevation than the coffee, which grows in the surrounding the steep hillside reaching over 2000 meters above sea level. Murambi is the name of one of the hilltop villages, or “collines”, and the farmers from Mutambu sell their coffee to the station below. They are one of 4 hilltop villages that the folks who run the wet mill buy from, the others being Rugembe, Masenga and Migoti. This is the first year we’ve bought coffee from this group, going all in with lots from each colline. The coffee is depulped using a 3-disc depulper, fermented with water and graded in long cement washing channels. Before drying on long, raised drying beds, the wet parchment drip-dries on small screens where any physical defects that can be identified by sight are removed. At 2000 meters, Mutambu Hill is the highest altitude group their buying from.

ORIGIN: Burundi
REGION: Colline Murambi, Mutambu, Bujumbura
FARM: Monge Murambi Hill
ELEVATION: 2000 Meters
CUP: raw sugar / honey / bittering cocoa powder

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