Costa Rica Don Oscar Limones

This lot was produced at a family run micro-mill, “Don Oscar”, in the Tarrazu valley. This area is part of the Talamanca Sierra highlands, with peaks reaching as high as 3000 meters, Limones plotted right around 1800 meters above sea level. It’s an ideal micro-region and climate for growing coffee with rich volcanic soil, great altitude, and is shaded from the hot afternoon suns by mountain peaks. The brothers who run Don Oscar and their surrounding farms, (which they are only processing coffee from at this time), are cousins of the late Roger Solis who started the micromill La Casona. Their farm, which is broken into 40 lots, is a mix of Red Catuai and Caturra. They produce mechanically washed coffee (like most in the region) so no fermentation is actually used to remove the mucilage layer. Instead, it is mechanically removed with use of only a little water, and then the seed with parchment intact and a very thin layer of mucilage are laid to dry both outside in the sun on raised beds, or a mechanical dryer is used when the patios are full.

ORIGIN: Costa Rica
REGION: Tarrazu
FARM: Limones Family
PROCESS: Wet Processed
ELEVATION: 1800 Meters
CUP: chocolate / creamy / nut / carbonized sugar / mild citrus

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