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Coffee Cupping & Tasting Event

Coffee Cupping

Java Mama is hosting a coffee cupping and tasting with Cafeciteaux Coffee Roasters Saturday February 3rd beginning at 9 am and hopefully finishing up by 10:30.  For this Saturdays cupping, we’re going to practice origin recognition! You’ll learn how to hone your taste buds and determine which coffee is from where. The cupping is free and […]

Cupping Event

Learn the art of tasting coffee with our resident coffee expert and former Regional Barista Champion, Ken Taylor. Ken is going to walk you though the cupping process after a private tour of the Roastery, showing you how to: Prepare a cupping Distinguish between coffees Properly “slurp” coffee without choking Taste the differences at specific […]

Coffee Cupping: A How To Guide

Coffee Cupping

Thinking of an analogy for coffee cupping has made my head hurt. Coffee cupping in not like wine tasting and should not be regarded as such, even though every site on the internet says so.  The reason I say that it is dissimilar is that when consumers taste wine, the wine will taste the same the […]