Chris Peneguy
Co-Founder / Janitor / Roaster

Coffee enthusiast. Amateur explorer. Troublemaker. Avid homebrewer. Professional student. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. These are all terms that have been used to describe Chris. Chris’ coffee journey started several years ago when he first tried a home roasted specialty coffee. He was amazed by the complexity of flavors he experienced and was drawn to the similarities of the specially coffee and the craft beer movements.

Roasting coffee is a unique blend of science and art that requires creativity and this is where Chris has shined the most. He channels his inner child into the artistry that is the roasting of coffee, developing roasts that bring out the best characteristics of the beans.  Chris has logged hundreds of hours roasting and cupping only the best coffee beans from around the globe.

Stevie Guillory
Co-Founder / Hustler / Roaster

Stevie is a full-time Physicians Assistant and when he isn’t performing surgery, he is out slinging coffee to the masses. Stevie is known for his ability to sell anything to anyone and his skills have been invaluable to Cafeciteaux. Besides being a hustler, Stevie is also an accomplished bodybuilder and president/founder of The Camerons Shoes Foundation which supplies many of the worlds poor and underprivileged children with badly needed shoes. As a roaster, Stevie can roll with the best of them, having logged hundreds of hours roasting, cupping coffees, and visiting farms from around the globe.


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