Brazil Fazenda IP

From the largest country wholly in the southern hemisphere comes one of the biggest surprises of the year. Fazenda IP is nestled in the hills outside the city of Carmo de Minas in Brazil, and has been family owned since it was first purchased back in 1967 by Isidro Pereira, who offers his initials as the farm name. His son Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira pursued an education in agriculture and then joined his father in the production and expansion of the farm. With Luiz working at the farm, they began to improve quality year of year. Now a days, the farm has expanded to over 720 hectares, and mainly cultivates the yellow bourbon varietals. The higher altitudes in the region favor a slower ripening cherry and permits selective picking, which are decisive factors to produce coffees of exceptional quality.

Now that we’ve talked about the coffee a bit and the region, farm, now we can talk about the good stuff. What’s the deal with this coffee? Well, we are not used to carrying Brazilian coffees as standalone offerings. They typically end up in our espresso blends with their flavors supporting the more flavorful coffees in the mix. Well, we had every intention of this coffee ending up solely in our Homily blend, but after cupping a sample, we were really captivated by it. It checks all the boxes as to what you would expect from a single-origin specialty coffee and really has the moxie to stand out on it’s own and then pull you in for more. We’re very excited to offer this coffee and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have.

ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Carmo de Minas, State of Mato Grasso
FARM: Fazenda IP
PROCESS:Pulped Natural
ELEVATION: 1050 Meters
VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon
CUP: Sweet / tart fruit acidity / creamy mouthfeel / big lemon / toffee / cashew / pecan.



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