Get Caffeinated with Cafeciteaux Coffee Roasters

Cafeciteaux Cupping Coffee

Published Feb 15th, 2016
by Sydney Blanchard

Stevie Guillory and Chris Peneguy, the co-founders of Cafeciteaux Coffee Roasters based in Baton Rouge, met when they lived across the street from each other. The two became friends, and it was inevitable that after a couple of beers they’d dream up all sorts of potential business ventures.

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One thought on “Get Caffeinated with Cafeciteaux Coffee Roasters

  1. hart7320 says:

    The shooters will be greeted by freshly brewed Cafeciteaux Guatamala on Saturday for the Samaritan Open IX fundraiser for Samaritan Counseling Center in Shreveport. We can’t wait to try your coffee and bust some clays!

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