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What Is Specialty Coffee?

What is specialty coffee? That is a fairly good question that was asked of me the other day while giving out samples with a little added coffee education. When one hears the word specialty, they instantly think that its better or “special”, well, that is true. Specialty coffee is “measurably” better than the commodity coffee […]

Espresseaux Italiano : From the Lab

This espresso blend has been a work in progress for some time. The brainchild of Chris, who revels in excellent espresso and believes in keeping tradition alive.  He has primarily been keeping to himself in the espresso lab, patiently waiting to kick off the comeback of the traditional Italian espresso. While we arent trying to […]

Guatemala Highland Coffee Presidium

The Highland Coffee Presidium was created with the help of Slow Food International. The presidium is a local project with the goal to find a viable future for small scale producers of regional, artisanal food. Today this presidium represents four cooperatives comprised of about 150 small producers. The Slow Food movement aims to support small-scale […]

Coffee Cupping: A How To Guide

Coffee Cupping

Thinking of an analogy for coffee cupping has made my head hurt. Coffee cupping in not like wine tasting and should not be regarded as such, even though every site on the internet says so.  The reason I say that it is dissimilar is that when consumers taste wine, the wine will taste the same the […]