Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra, Tanzania, Oh My…..

Well, we have some new lots in that frankly, I wasn’t sure they were going to arrive. The nature of the coffee game can be tricky when you are dealing with several different entities each with a different part to play in the singular goal of getting coffee to you. But, alas everything is here and well in order. We will be building our profiles for these coffees and they should be ready to purchase no later than mid week.


Here is a short synopsis of the new lots.


First, we have a new Mogiana Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon from the Rainha Farm in São Sebastião da Grama, South of Minas (one of Brazil’s most important coffee regions). This coffee is pulped natural processed which really brings out the higher citric acidity, fruit and chocolate notes, and more sweetness which will produce complex cups and espresso.


Second, we have a new Organic Colombia Popayan which was purchased through Asociacion de Cabildos Juan Tama. This is an indigenous group of coffee producers which are comprised of 8 different cabildos (tribes). This coffee has tart acidity with caramel, raisin and lemon flavors and a nutty aftertaste.


Thirdly, we are offering a Java Wonosobow Farmers coffee. This coffee comes from the island of Java, Indonesia in the Wononsobow Central region. The life and citrus of this coffee has us very excited about the region and the new crops that are coming this summer. This coffee has citric with nut and herb flavors finishing clean and leaving you ready for the next sip.


Fourth, we are offering a Sumatra Mandheling DP (Double Picked hand sorted) named Harimau Tiger. This coffee come to us the Indonesian island of Sumatra. This Mandheling variety is considered to be the finest in Sumatra. Sun dried on clay patios, this coffee will exhibit winey and good citric acidity with ripe bell pepper, caramel sweetness and a heavy mouth feel.


Finally, our fifth new offering is a Tanzanian Kiboko (“Baby Hippo”) Peaberry. This coffee has me very excited. If you are wondering about what a Peabeary is, it’s just a funny little coffee seed. Most people have a strong opinion on the “Peaberry Theory”: getting extra love as the cherry’s only child, peaberries are rumored to be better than other grade sizes, which grow as twins in the cherry. My perspective: If it tastes good, it tastes good. This peaberry tastes really good. In the cup this coffee is very reminiscent of a Kenyan coffee, yet more mellow and soft. The acidity is diverse and refined. We have found this coffee tasted like a grapefruit and sugar reduction, creamy and rich, distinct dark chocolate finish. Other more minor notes: tamarind, raisin, turbinado sugar, vanilla, lime.


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One thought on “Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra, Tanzania, Oh My…..

  1. Susan Biles says:

    Guys, I bought a bag of the Colombian on your recommendation after trying one of the others. Thank you very for that. It is the best coffee that I have ever brewed at home. My husband loves it. You guys need to open a Cafe so that I can buy your coffee everyday!

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