Le Pari – “The Gamble”

What’s Up Everybody,

Starting a business let alone a specialty coffee roastery is a daunting task for even the most seasoned of business men. It is a road filled with crazy hairpin turns, potholes, and straightaways (my analogy for a milestone). Finding a home, purchasing equipment, sourcing coffee, and stopping at every coffee shop within 100 mile radius that isn’t a national chain (They are few and far between)…. You know, the usual things.  Some milestones are more notable than others.  Like selling your first wholesale account on the 4th of July while celebrating our independence and roasting coffee. And we want to share that coffee with you, bring you into the fold, if you will.  As we find coffees from around the world, roast and cup our way to understanding them, we’ll find that some coffees aren’t worth our time or your’s. And were ok with that. Its all part of the process.

We also realize that we we are going to roast some amazing coffees. And then what? Were going to drink 50 lbs of it?  As if! We want to bag it and send it direct to you! It will be a great deal of work on our part, but we don’t want to have to hurry to sell already roasted coffees.  Rather, we would like to pre-sell it on a subscription basis.  It really is a bit of a gamble as to what you are going to get. And as you know, we love to gamble.  So in that spirit we have dubbed this program “le Pari” or “The Gamble”.

Here is how it’s going to go down…..  For a $50 ante (including shipping), we will ship you an 8oz bag of every single roast that we deem worthy from now through Feb. 28th, 2015.  As if that ain’t a sweet enough deal, we’ll promise you no less than 4 shipments.  Of course there is a distinct possibility that you may receive 14 shipments, but that’s the gamble.

Each shipment you receive will be in a poorly done one-off collectors edition bag!  We will be cupping each coffee, and if that coffee is determined to be worthy of your supple lips, we will bag it and ship it that day via USPS, so you should receive it within a day or two off roast.

Here’s the fine print.

We will be limiting this to the first 40 people to sign up for the coffee subscription service. We will be accepting payment through square in our store, cash, or interesting trades.

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2 thoughts on “Le Pari – “The Gamble”

  1. Mark Snyder says:

    Got my first package in the mail today! Gotta say, it was great. I haven’t tried it as an espresso like you recommended, but great solid coffee. Looking forward to the next coffee!

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