1 Year ago on the 4th of July we delivered our first order to Alexander’s Highland Market. Reid Alexander met with us during our planning stages and agreed to give us a shot. We are eternally grateful to the Alexander family and their love for quality local products and their support of small business. The love doesn’t stop there. Other Family owned grocery stores such as Calandro’s Supermarkets have been essential to our growth. Their help and support of local business through seasonal events, newspaper ads, and retail advice have helped to add value to our brand. These guys are the reason local food product businesses are flourishing.

Since July 4th of last year, we have been very busy growing and expanding the business. While it’s still just Stevie and I roasting and bagging all the coffee, our workloads have increased and our free time has decreased. It’s a good thing that we love what we do! So it is with great appreciation to our customers that we offer $5 off when you order online from now until July 10th. It’s a great time to try something new!

Enter the code at checkout: HAPPY1ST

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  1. Blaise Calandro, III says:

    Chris, Stevie,

    Thanks for the kudos. We love Cafeciteaux Coffee here at Calandro’s. Incredible (amazing, wonderful, out-of-this-world…we could go on) product that sourced and roasted with great care, no doubt. And made locally basically just down the road from our Perkins location – so of course its right up our alley. But really – I must say – its even moreso about great people. Our 75 years here in Baton Rouge are predicated first and foremost about forging relationships with amazing folks who become great friends and ultimately part of our extended family with bonds that last decades. And you guys – Stevie, Chris, et al – all are great people, great friends, and we hope you guys have many more birthdays beyond year one to stay a part of the family for many decades to come.

    Congratulations, Happy 1st Birthday, and Cheers to many more years to come, from your friends over at Calandro’s.

    – Blaise, III

    BTW – we can’t wait to try the Cafeciteaux Iced Coffee magic at #ATasteOfIndependence this coming Friday…I see explosive growth in summertime French Press usage in the very near future in BR!

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